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Introduction of Vienna Hotel Official Website Vienna Hotel Co., Ltd.? Vienna Hotel Official Website Tel

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Hello, everyone. Today, the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is about the official website of Vienna Hotel. Therefore, the editor has compiled a related answer to introduce the official website of Vienna Hotel. Let us Let's take a look together. Introduction of Vienna Hotel Co., Ltd.? Introduction of Vienna Hotel Co., Ltd.? Today, Vienna has a series of brands of "Venus International Hotel, Venus Hotel, Vienna Hotel and Vienna Sanhao Hotel". It has formed six brand value systems of "safety and convenience, art and elegance, music for sleep, healthy food, comfort and luxury, and environmental protection", and is in a leading position in the global hotel industry in terms of management model, talent echelon, brand cultivation, expansion and development, and capital management. . Up to now, the company has opened more than 200 stores and preparatory stores across the country, with nearly 10 million registered members, a comprehensive opening rate of more than 100%, and a record of zero safety accidents in 21 years. The company advocates the core concept of "five-star experience, two-star consumption", and provides customers with "gentleman-like taste" products and "lady-like friendly" services. In the field of boutique business hotels, the nine core indicators are far ahead! At present, it has received two rounds of huge capital injections from international venture capital, and it will be listed soon. Five-star experience and two-star consumption Vienna Boutique Hotel is actually a simplified version of a five-star hotel, which retains the core functions of a five-star hotel, such as luxurious lobby, gourmet restaurant, coffee shop, exquisite guest room, high-end bedding, high-end bathroom system, ready-to-use Core functions such as offices, business centers, and self-service laundry rooms basically reach the five-star level. At the same time, the supporting functions that are not commonly used in five-star hotels are removed, such as large outdoor sports venues, swimming pools, bars, fitness rooms, cigar rooms, large nightclubs, sauna rooms, super large conference halls, etc. There is no need to pay for these facilities, so as to enjoy the five-star core service at a lower cost. Whether it is decoration style, room size, bedding, bathroom system and other hardware facilities, boutique hotels are much higher than budget hotels. Boutique hotels receive customers who have a certain quality of life requirements and pay attention to rational consumption, while economical hotels are the lowest level to solve the accommodation problem of ordinary people. Therefore, they are different types of hotels. On the surface, the price of a boutique hotel is about 100 yuan higher than that of a budget hotel, but its supporting facilities and decoration grade are almost the same as those of a five-star hotel. Healthy food, meeting and talking with business partners or relatives and friends, and being able to hold various meetings, saving round-trip car rental fees and time spent racing on the road, its value has far exceeded 100 yuan. Therefore, staying in a Vienna hotel is a more economical, more decent and more sensible choice. Gentleman-like taste, lady-like kindness "Gentleman-like taste" refers to the quality and taste of products, representing the elegant and extraordinary product image of Vienna Hotel. "Lady-like kindness" means that Vienna Hotel is as pure, warm, sweet, comfortable and beautiful as a lady in terms of service. It means that the Vienna Hotel will bring you the enjoyment of relatives and the warmth of family with safe, comfortable, fast and convenient, warm and considerate, professional and meticulous services. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about the official website of the Vienna Hotel. I hope that the one-point answer about the official website of the Vienna Hotel will be useful to everyone.

Introduction of Vienna Hotel Official Website Vienna Hotel Co., Ltd.? Vienna Hotel Official Website Tel


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