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doupocangq, fight against the destructive power of each realm in the sky? , Fights Break the Sky

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Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is the question about doupocangq, so the editor has compiled a related introduction to doupocangq’s answer, let’s take a look together . Fight against the destructive power of each realm in the sky? Fight against the destructive power of each realm in the sky? The destructive power of fighting to break the sky. Dou Qi: You can crush rocks with bare hands, similar to the current iron sand palm, and you can also use Dou Qi to attack opponents, but it is limited to the role of protecting the flesh, but it can still be used by cold weapons and Injured by firearms, ordinary small fights, hoeing the strong and helping the weak can basically be called a king fighter: you can release your fighting spirit to form a small cyclone, and a full blow can cause an explosive power similar to a grenade, but even with fighting spirit protection, basically It can defend against cold weapons, but the firearm defense is still very weak. Dou Shi: It can form a fighting spirit gauze outside itself, and its full blow is enough to match the directional blasting of a small demolition office, enough to destroy the second-floor square, and the fighting spirit gauze is enough to resist ordinary pistols. Da Dou Shi: He can turn his fighting spirit into fighting spirit armor and arm himself. The power of a full blow is enough to destroy an ordinary 5-story residential building. The fighting spirit armor is enough to resist the attack of ordinary grenades or ordinary sniper rifles. Dou Ling: I have been able to master the condensate of fighting energy very well, and I can form fighting energy similar to a small vitality bomb. With a full blow, I can easily destroy a general residential building below 20 floors. Fighting King: Facing the fighting spirit at this stage, its strength is even higher than that of Dou Ling. It is like a mobile fighter. You can fight wherever you want, and you can say how much destructive power it has. Destroying a block shouldn't be a problem. Dou Huang: Basic combat moves can cause great destructive power in the area. The ultimate move will basically cause huge damage in a wide range. Therefore, if in reality, one person resists a fully armed terrorist organization with hundreds of people, it should not be a problem. The problem, unless there is a large missile with directional tracking, it is difficult to hurt him. Dou Zong: It is already possible to stay in the void without the help of external force and create space locks, so missile attacks are ineffective against strong people of this level. With a full blow from them, ordinary small villages will be wiped off the map, unless nuclear weapons are used No chance. Dou Zun: At this stage, the strong technology is proficient in using the power of space. It feels a bit like the instant body technique of the fourth generation of Naruto. In terms of attack power, it is estimated to be comparable to ordinary nuclear explosions. Small cities can be wiped out in an instant. Half-Holy: Any move can reach a small nuclear explosion. There are few attack methods on the earth that can match it. As long as you work hard, destroying a country is not a problem. Dou Sheng [1-star to 5-star]: The strong at this stage can already open up a world of their own in the alien space, and basically the attack power of the strong at this stage can already match the impact of an asteroid. Dou Sheng [Six Stars to Peak]: Spatial displacement is the special effect of each stage's ability, so in terms of attack power, it shouldn't be a problem to destroy one or two planets with a full blow. Doudi: I can change my bloodline and benefit from future generations. In terms of attack power, it is trivial to destroy multiple asteroids with every move. An ordinary move can cause destructive damage to asteroids. The energy in the body is comparable to the ruthless stars. , can create black holes and wormholes, which is equivalent to a god-like existence. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about doupocangq. I hope that the one-point answer about doupocangq will be useful to everyone.

doupocangq, fight against the destructive power of each realm in the sky? , Fights Break the Sky


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