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Disney Play Items Ranking Disney Must Play Items Ranking? Shanghai Disney Games Ranking

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Hello everyone, today I have noticed a rather interesting topic, which is about the ranking of Disney’s games, so I compiled an answer to introduce the ranking of Disney’s games , let's take a look. Disney's must-play item ranking? Disney's must-play item ranking? The following is my personal ranking of Disney's must-play items, for reference only: 1. Star Wars: Flight on the Edge of the Galaxy: This is a new project opened since 2020, located in Disneyland in California and Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida. It brings visitors into the world of Star Wars, where they experience thrills such as spaceflight and lightsaber combat. Due to its advanced equipment and realistic special effects, it is very popular among tourists and has become one of Disney's must-see items. 2. Infinity Space Universal: This is a theme park located in Japan, and the most popular project is Infinity Space Universal. It is a device that simulates space travel. Through 360-degree projection technology and dynamic seats, visitors can experience the mysteries of the universe immersively. 3. Sea Raiders: This is a classic project located in California Adventure Park, which leads tourists to explore a real underwater city and interact with the little fish Nemo and other marine life. The project combines audio, visual, animation and other elements, and is very popular among tourists. 4. Land: This is a project integrating interaction, technology and aesthetics, located in Disneyland in Florida, USA. It allows visitors to experience farming, plant cultivation and other activities in a virtual farm, while also learning about ecological protection and sustainable development. 5. Star Wars: Pirates of the Caribbean: This project is located in Disneyland, California, USA, and is one of the classic theme park projects. It brings tourists into the world of Pirates of the Caribbean, and allows tourists to feel the excitement and fun of sea adventure through boat tours, special effects lighting and music. The above is my personal ranking of Disney's must-play items. Since everyone has different tastes, it may vary from person to person. [Recommendation 1]: Chuangji Speed Light Wheel (height limit 122 cm) doesn't say much, nothing to do, brush twice, scream and decompress, the motorcycle-style roller coaster famous for its speed, super exciting, old people and children dare The small ones can give up, try to keep your eyes open. The sense of technology is great [Recommendation 2]: Buzz Lightyear Star Rescue is very suitable for big friends and children to play together. Follow Buzz to destroy all monsters. There is no doubt that the game is over. When I came out, there were photos on the wall during the game. I took my own mobile phone and took pictures, and the effect was not bad. [Recommendation 3]: Soaring • Flying over the horizon (height limit 102 cm) This project is not exciting but the visual effect is amazing [Recommendation 4]: Seven Dwarfs Mine Car (height limit 97 cm) hahaha This roller coaster is very interesting and it will not It's too exciting and there is no big flip. There is a cave in the middle where you can see the dwarves mining. It's beautiful! When you stop for the second time, there is also a scene spiral track on your right [Recommendation 5]: Pirates of the Caribbean - Battle of the Sunken Treasure This project is to sit on a large ship that can accommodate dozens of people and imagine yourself as a pirate. The visual effects of the environment are superb, strongly recommended! ! ! It is the first baby to play, it is really super beautiful, super super cool, there will be a little surprise at the end of the boat trip hahahaha look forward to it! [Recommendation 6]: Peter Pan Adventures in the Sky - Dream World Theme Park (height limit 120 cm) is mainly for visual enjoyment. Children will prefer to sit on a vehicle like a pirate ship, which should be suspended on the track 4-6 A person, a boat, and a boat will move up and down with the scenery, as if they are traveling in space [Recommendation 7]: The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh-Dream World Theme Park has a similar feeling to Peter Pan. The story scene is different, and you will be inexplicably poked at the point of laughter The Tigger jumps and jumps, everyone sits in the honey tank car to accommodate 4-6 people, and enjoys the visual enjoyment along the track. It is also a project that children like very much. Cute, haha, everyone will sit in a small room and interact with Stitch on the screen. Stitch is especially talking, but Stitch’s female friends will be randomly selected on the spot [Recommendation 9]: Hug Dragon Soaring Racing (height limit: 120 cm) You can think of it as a high-end version of the pirate ship, which is highly restored to the Toy Story movie. Everyone sits on Woody’s racing car and echoes on the U-shaped track, and the speed is fast and slow The highest point is... quite high haha [recommendation 10]: Rafting on Thunder Mountain (height limit 107 cm) is different from the rafting in your impression, this rafting is very interesting, 8 people sit around and rotate while rafting, the route Pretty long and very interesting. On the way, you will pass a cave, and there are surprises in the cave! So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's question about the ranking of Disney's play items. I hope that the one-point answer about the ranking of Disney's play items will be useful to everyone.

Disney Play Items Ranking Disney Must Play Items Ranking? Shanghai Disney Games Ranking


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